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    for work, i’m working on a payment system (an alternative to stripe, braintree, etc.) we are really getting closer to the end. i’m very proud with the results so far. apple pay got me excited too.

    i’m also developing a startup for myself that i call Quickjobbs, a freelancing community platform. it will meet the need of getting things done as fast as possible for one side and making money as fast as possible for the other.

    the main difference from other websites is the time limit on jobs. the longest job can take 1 week and the shortest one is around 1 - 6 hours. it will be an invite only platform. would love to hear your ideas on this.

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      honestly, i don’t know why this is advertised as some kind of magical thing.

      dlang has a similar support for enums. http://pastie.org/9530436

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        it’s a foresighted post but they’ve missed the d programming language. [0] it’s worth checking out as it’s a c / c++ replacement. imagine you are building your application as you wish but with the speed of c or c++. it is used by many system and game developers. it only lacks support for web development as part of stdlib but there’s also a web framework called vibe.d [1]

        there is also a spectacular book on d by ali cehreli. [2] freely available in english [3] and turkish [4].

        [0] http://dlang.org

        [1] http://vibed.org/

        [2] http://ddili.org/AliCehreli_resume.html

        [3] http://ddili.org/ders/d.en/

        [4] http://ddili.org/ders/d/index.html/

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          and here is the part ii.

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            does the python plugin support functional editing? in the video he could edit 5 functions instead of editing the whole file.