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    Has anyone submitted anything in the past? What’s the most comfortable framework for making games in Lisp/Scheme/etc? I ask as a curious person who is looking for a hygienic framework for creating games in. My issue is finding something that’s easy to cross-compile for other platforms (eg. I use Linux, but would want to compile for Windows friends). I have been mulling over Lua/love2d for a while but never committed since I would prefer a Lisp environment.

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        I have participated in every one since 2018 using Fennel. The easiest way to get started IMO is using TIC-80 which has built-in support for Fennel and lets you publish your games to play in the browser, so no downloads are required:

        Targeting love2d is another popular choice tho. It’s a lot more complex than TIC-80 but it also offers a lot more flexibility: It’s harder to get love2d games to run in the browser but still really easy to cross-compile from Linux to Windows.

        (disclaimer: Fennel lead developer here)

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          There’s even a starter kit for Love2D and Fennel

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        Hello, jam organizer here. There have been lots of submissions from a variety of different Lisps in the past. You can check out the past jams on our wiki. Fennel seems to be a popular choice each jam, but I can’t say much more than that, as I am a diehard Common Lisp user :) For Common Lisp, there are a lot of partial solutions, as most people seem to be focused on building extremely general game engines rather than focused engines for a particular game/genre. This is expected in a way, as Common Lisp is extrememly performant, and there is no reason we need to be confined to C++ etc with Unity/Unreal/Godot…it just isn’t there yet though. I have been working towards that for a good 10 years now…but nothing worth announcing yet…anyway have fun regardless of which dialect you decide on!

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          Thank you! I appreciate the insight. I have indeed looked at Godot in the past but felt it was too much for me to take on. I definitely want to try something out in Common Lisp, so the wiki you linked looks like a great place for me to start doing some research. Thank you for organizing this event!

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          For 2D in Common Lisp, popular choices are Sketch and trivial-gamekit (apologies for self-plug). I, as an author of the latter framework, use travis/appveyor/github actions CI solutions to make builds for different platforms. If there would be any interest, I probably can arrange github action for building gamekit-based stuff for Linux and Windows. But otherwise, there exist examples for how to do that with travis and appveyor.

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            Thank you! I don’t mind the self-plug, in fact I’m more inclined to check out your project for responding to my question! I will totally look into your library to see how it works now!

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            Perhaps you might like CHICKEN; it is straightforward to compile static binaries, and cross-compiling to Windows (mingw) from Linux is also supported. There’s hypergiant, a game development toolkit, and on IRC you’ll find a few people interested in game writing too. In CHICKEN 4 we used to have a love2d-inspired framework called doodle, which shouldn’t be too hard to port to CHICKEN 5.

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              I have been doing a bit of practice with Chicken and trying to get familiar with that environment. The cross-compiling is very appealing to me and I was actively looking at hypergiant. I might have to give that another shot!