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    Sorry about the pay wall; it should work if this is the first article from the site you’ve read recently, and in an incognito window.

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      A route around the pay wall: https://outline.com/5TP6J3

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        @pushcx can we just set the URL to this for the submission instead?

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        The archive link works as well.

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        Maybe http://jsonnet.org/ could be of some benefit?

        “This case study illustrates that Jsonnet can be used to centralize, unify, and manage configuration for all parts of a cloud hosted multi-tier web application (a Mandelbrot viewer). Jsonnet centralizes configuration files for the various application software, database schemas and initial data sets, system configuration files, package manifests, software build configurations, image configurations (Packer) and cloud resources / connectivity (Terraform). Although the running example is deployed on Google Cloud Platform and uses specific application software, Jsonnet can be used to generate configuration for any application and (via Packer & Terraform) a wide range of cloud providers.”