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    A fun feature request for CockroachDB: AS OF FUTURE SYSTEM TIME.

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      Describe alternatives you’ve considered Other alternatives include having custom hardware. For example, Google’s Spanner uses hardware flux capacitors to jump their data into the future and return with it fully populated. Our solution enables every developer to build world-changing applications…soonish.

      I’m also partial to a hardware solution, but I think both this and the software solution are both a little over-engineered. I think the AS OF FUTURE SYSTEM TIME feature can easily be emulated by just taking the host system and running around with it, like, really fast for a little while, and then resyncing the database. No need for flux capacitors.

      I reckon Google went down that route because maintaining a stable mobile Internet connection in a vehicle that’s moving fast enough is pretty challenging and, historically, their focus has been on high-bandwidth wired connections in datacentres and the like. It’s weird that they’d go for such a complex solution though. Then again, I don’t know what I was expecting from the people that gave use fscking Kubernetes.

      I think the feature could also be emulated by e.g. relocating potential users closer to massive objects (*drumroll* no no this isn’t going where you think it’s going). But I think that may be a little intrusive, even by modern Internet standards.