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    I liked Keywiz when I examined it. If you are willing to invest time and build a solid infrastructure, I think it’s the best in play now.

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      Is this in comparison to other solutions like Vault?

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        Vault, Confidant, and Roll-your-own.

        I’ve intensely investigated Confidant, and it works well, if your operation looks like Lyft enough. It didn’t quite. :-) It will work well if you’ve bought into the AWS Way enough (and you look Lyft'y enough).

        Vault seems to smell a bit strongly of Hashicorp, which is a good system IMO, but I think you really need to buy into the Hashicorp Way to use it.

        Keywhiz seems to be the most agnostic out there, with solid open source primitives. So I like it. The downside is you really need to be running your own CA / PKI for Keywhiz.

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      don’t forget to refresh the landing page for bonus conflicting pronunciations

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        A long time ago I recorded keypresses from my beloved Model M and submitted them for a web-based Model M simulator over at Geekhack/Deskthority. Since then those sound effects have gotten around quite a bit :)

        It’s cool to see them pop up in various projects over the years.

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          So this thing is just playing back recorded sounds?

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              Not quite simulated then.

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            Thanks for the fantastic sounds, Sirocco. Let me know how I can better give you credit for them.

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              Thank you, but that’s not really necessary. Or perhaps I could just use this post to say I consider them public domain?