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    Just finishing up tasks at my current work and preparing for a new job, which includes k8s and Chef.

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      I am currently using ProtonMail exclusively. It can use my custom domain with encryption with little to no hassle.

      The client however still needs some polishing and fundamental features (calendar etc.), but all in all I am liking it.

      For my work e-mail I have to use Outlook, so the best way I could get my head around it was to use Rambox for several mailboxes (I know that you can make it work with various clients, but it’s just not worth it for me).

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        Very useful cheat sheet, thanks!

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          this is what happens when I click the link https://imgur.com/a/dBxmMmV

          can we have a discussion about potentially not allowing links to sites that do this?

          There are all sorts of places you can host your content that don’t do this.

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            I would fully support banning or warn-tagging crappy sites like medium. In the meantime I highly suggest: https://github.com/yourduskquibbles/webannoyances

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              You just changed my life

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                I know what you mean, I just discovered it myself a couple of weeks ago.

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                Disabling JavaScript on medium.com and other blog/news sites also works very well. Though there are some hilarious cases where you get a completely white/empty screen because a website ‘requires’ JavaScript to display any text at all.

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                  I’ve found the blank page issue to happen more often than not. You usually also end up not getting any images (except maybe an unrelated hero image at the top) without JS.

                  Although one example for your argument: disabling all JS on techcrunch makes for the best reading experience on any modern news website. I almost think it has to be intentional.

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                    I’ve found the blank page issue to happen more often than not

                    Really? I get it maybe once out of every 2-3 dozen articles I try to open. Then again, maybe I’ve conditioned myself to recognize and ignore sites that tend to do this.. In any case, it’s their loss since they are likely overpaying some web developer to write and maintain piles of java script just to display text.

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                  There is a medium specific one called Make Medium Readable Again, which I have also found super useful.
                  In addition, it removes the dickbar nonsense.

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                  💯, one question about the flagging guidelines. Is it valid to flag medium links as spam or am I stretching the definition?

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                    Seems to me like a stretch. Like it or not, many people still find interesting content on medium and many times it ends up with good discussion. The platform might be annoying but you can always use plugins or skip it.

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                    Reminds me of Websites in 2018.

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                    Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems

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                      Hoping to finally resolve a problem that has been bugging my mind for a week. Christmas party is also happening, which would be really hard to bear without drinking alcohol.

                      I have also reached a point at my current job when frustration is all over my head. So, that will be a mission as well!

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                        The link appears to be dead.