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    The part I have heard highlighted as being particularly worrisome is Sec 7(d), which ties together STEM education and the department of defense.

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      I don’t think it is malicious? I read it as just “we need to make sure we educate our future workers with skills that will actually be relevant in the future”.

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      This is interesting… I publish in AAS journals, and also do a good amount of software development, and I appreciate the level to which they’re addressing this. In particular, it’s really, really refreshing to see them mostly shying away from astro-specific solutions to the problem.

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        With the emphasis on collaboration already inherent in peer reviewed papers (though reproduction isn’t always done) and the equivalent inherent collaboration in software development, I’m curious about something. (This is also a reflection of my being so far removed from daily research.) What kind of solutions did you imagine to be “astro-specific”?