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    If you don’t have the HDMI/DP functionality is there any feasible way of using the machine still?

    I guess “the machine cannot be deblobbed” sounds true in the context of using all the functionality but you could get away with removing that if you don’t want it? Kind of like what Fedora would use for the MP3 converter and whatnot

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      I would think this is true, yes, if you’re OK with a headless system.

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        Why headless? MIPI DSI and LVDS shouldn’t be affected by disabling the HDMI block. And for the Librem phone, I guess they would use one of these connectors.

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          This is a fair point.

          Personally the fact that the boot ROM has this antifeature in it is still annoying to me, but it doesn’t seem like it’s necessarily a dealbreaker for a design which doesn’t rely on HDMI or DP.

          Note that the MNT Reform, which has been getting a lot of attention as an i.MX8-based design recently, claims to attach the display via eDP, so it seems safe to say it won’t be deblobbable.

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            Hello! This is false. We run the display from MIPI DSI via an eDP bridge. There is no HDMI blob required for Reform. The main problem is the DDR PHY blob, but it is not signed. We have a disassembly (it’s ARCompact code). We are looking for the Synopsys databooks to be able to analyze it.

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              Nice. I stand corrected.