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    I deeply apologize for the submission from my team. I know our earlier posts haven’t been of great quality but I believe this and our other blogs published recently have been received very well.

    We will avoid posting anything on lobsters from now on.

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      This sounds like something Karpathy did on selfies - http://karpathy.github.io/2015/10/25/selfie/ Good work to suggest filters to actually improve the photo! Not sure how you decide the filter selection though.

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        Squeeze nets have shown great promise, especially in reducing the model size so they can be deployed on embedded systems.

        That plus the fact that the network was developed by a Chinese AI startup (and not by DeepMind or OpenAI) makes it very interesting.

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          why does it matter? chinese AI startup or not?

          PS: SqueezeNets were introduced by DeepScale.ai Ref: https://github.com/DeepScale/SqueezeNet