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    I wish this fad of using ANSI color for everything would die off. You have no idea what the user’s terminal looks like and when you start printing bright green text on a terminal that has a light background, it’s completely unreadable.

    Some days I have an urge to submit pull requests to every project that does this to honor some environment variable I can set to disable colors by default.

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      I don’t think it’s likely to die off, but I can see a push toward enabling some sort of “NO_COLOR” environment variable gaining some traction. I don’t write many CLI’s, and have never considered the problem (since I use a fairly typical colorscheme in my terminal), but will definitely remember the NO_COLOR option for the future.

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        One piece of feedback we’ve received is that people want us to honour $TERM and terminfo, so that $TERM=basic will suppress colour output and similar. We’re looking at implementing this so that we can cater to this.

        In the general case, well designed colour schemes for terminals should be able to work well with escaped colours. Colours are a pretty key part of providing quickly visually parseable output in my experience.

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        What terminal do you use? Could you perhaps turn up the contrast or simply disable ANSI colors?

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          You can always pipe it through something that strips ANSI, e.g. http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/4527/program-that-passes-stdin-to-stdout-with-color-codes-stripped

          (The top answer strips all codes, but there are ones further down that claim to only strip colour codes.)

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            Of course, and I could always just not use programs that vomit colors all over my terminal, too.