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    I’m very happy with Ōlelo (demo website), which is an an active fork of the old git-wiki. For quick things I use TiddlyWiki or the Seafile embedded wiki.

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        I run my own email server for 15+ years using Postfix, Dovecot and lately Rspamd. Additionally some close friends and a few small companies I administrate use my email service. I never had any trouble being blocked or appearing on any DSBLs.

        Though the initial setup can be a bit cumbersome, especially for non-sysadmins, it’s certainly doable and highly rewarding once the emails come in. :) I suggest you occasionally check if your IP/domain is blacklisted in the bigger lists. Also periodically check that you’re not an open relay due to some misconfiguration or configuration error because of updates. Add SPF records to your domains. Use valid and up-to-date certificates. Keep an eye on the logs and of course most importantly - generate backups!

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          Also vutuv uses the same login procedure.

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            This article totally nailed it. Main reasons I use void for my desktop machine are:

            • No systemd
            • It’s really freaking fast
            • Rolling release
            • Complete transparency
            • It just works :)

            Definitely the best hacker’s distro out there. I haven’t had any problems in the last 6 months I’ve been using it, and I’ve been able to customize it however I want to.

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              • Hardened compiler flags by default (PIE, SSP, RELRO)
              • Support for more architectures by default (looking at arch/alarm)
              • xbps tracks shared libraries and won’t allow updates that break dependencies
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                Do you have any recommended reading about hardened compiler flags?

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              As an old Amiga guy I really like Escape Goat 2, a 2d platformer where you have to solve puzzles. SteamWorld Dig is nice, too and of course Factorio. Democracy 3 is a lot of fun if you’re into politics and economics. Also I’m looking forward to the point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park. Another gem is Paint the Town Red, but only if you like voxel blood.

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                Anyone care to explain what Snappy or Snappy Personal is?

                All I can come up with is a stream compression method, which is hardly a replacement on its own for packaging software and tracking dependencies.

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                  Don’t know either, but found this: Ubuntu Snappy.

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                      It almost seems like companies/projects have gotten worse at naming things lately.

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                      Stupid headline, but an insightful response from his dad.