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    Reminds me of the Kubernetes children’s book

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      Stupid code is simple code. And simple code is more maintainable. This reminds me of the still-relevant “Code Simplicity” by Max Kanat-Alexander

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        Ryan Lewis, a node contributor, is helping create this I believe. He had a good talk at All Things Open in Raleigh, NC on the future of node.js. I asked him if he thought it would run afoul of the reasons why dev certifications went out of vogue in the 00’s, and he says it’s going to involve practical exams, not just multiple choice. He knows they’re only a small part of hiring someone, but since the node foundation wants to make the platform more enterprise-friendly (and probably make a little money to support themselves off this), they want to give companies a little bit of a security blanket to ensure that certified node devs know the best practices forming in the community and used by big node apps like PayPal.