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    Fun fact: it was RMS who coined the name POSIX in the first place.


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      You might be interested in Movitz; it’s a freestanding Common Lisp system for x86 PCs.

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        I know! It was one of the inspirations.

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        re-frame is by far my favourite way to do web-apps these days, and it’s been this way for the last 3 years. It’s brought joy, joy, joy into my heart.

        Do yourself a favour and take a stab at it. Especially if, like me 3 years ago, you’re not a fan of front-end development and consider it a pile of dirty hacks.

        Also, the documentation! I wish more projects had it written this well.

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          Probably the single most popular piece of Plan 9 heritage used all over the world: UTF-8.


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            In the ClojureScript world, we do have a syntax for HTML-in-JS that we prefer. It’s called s-expressions. Or, sometimes more precisely, Hiccup syntax, named after the library that pioneered it.

            Sample code to illustrate how we completely sidestep the JSX debacle: https://github.com/nathell/wordchampions/blob/master/src/cljs/gridlock/views.cljs#L162

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              This is similar to how I’ve seen it done in Haskell with blaze-html: https://jaspervdj.be/blaze/tutorial.html

              It’s regular functions that return something something html monad something. Integrates very nicely with the rest of the language without looking cumbersome. And you get powerful ways to manipulate the tree for free!

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              Tangential: I have recently had my articles featured on the front page of Lobsters and HN within hours of each other. Not the same article, so it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, but:

              • It’s very hard for a HN post to get noticed. New posts linger in /newest (frequented by relatively few people) for about half an hour before falling down to the second page, and you need to be lucky enough to receive enough upvotes in that timeframe to hit the front page. Lobsters’ “success rate” appears to be higher.

              • In terms of traffic, I got about 11K hits from unique IPs from HN and about 1.7K from Lobsters.

              • I like that Lobsters clearly indicates when a submission is authored by its submitter.

              Overall, both communities are great. I’ve only been here for a couple months, but I’ve been enjoying the experience so far. So thank you!

              [I’ve posted the mostly same comment on HN]

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                Very similar experience to my own - both are great sites, but Lobsters feels like more of a community to me.

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                Game looks well done but I think your word list could use some help.

                ZDnet was the solution to a game I played on easy. It is harder than it looks though! And it looks hard!

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                  Thanks! I’m on the lookout for a better word list – suggestions welcome. For now, I’ll likely just manually delete zdnet and msgid and re-generate the puzzles.

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                    This is a fantastic game and great implementation of it. Thank you for posting this!

                    I’m on the lookout for a better word list – suggestions welcome.

                    In terms of English, one of the best word lists I’ve come across are the 12dicts word lists, especially the 3of6game list. (Direct download link). It’s clear how much care and attention have gone into these lists.

                    I’m currently working on a side-project for generating easy-to-memorize yet strong passwords and the generation method requires high quality words and pairs-of-words. I spent today hastily ripping out the word list generator into a separate public GitHub repo.

                    In order to find words and pairs-of-words I use Wikipedia dataset dumps as a source of words and filter out any words not in a dictionary. I was hoping that this method would work well in all languages. Although this works OK for a English top 10k wordlist using a Debian-sourced dictionary (you get better results when you use 3of6game as a dictionary), today was the first time I tried Polish and the Polish top 10k wordlist using a Wiktionary-sourced dictionary isn’t good.

                    I know of the Google Ngrams project and trying to reproduce it and come up with good wordl ists and language models is quite difficult!

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                    I got msgid as a word. That was… not ideal