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    That video on the BMP section was autoplaying with sound and scared the hack out of me.

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      The UI for <input type="datetime-local"> has been added.

      This is the highlight of Firefox 93 for me.

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        Wow, this speaks to me. I am often frustrated as a soon-to-graduate undergraduate student, looking for a way to contribute to the language/software community and at the same time get enough (not lots, just enough) to live a comfortable life. Having some working experience with internships seemed to help me more in getting into big tech’s resume review rounds rather than a non-profit community. As somewhat a language enthusiast (I’m looking into getting a Master’s on this subject), I sometimes check out Rust and Zig repositories looking for things I can help out with. I have not been able to so far. This has been keeping me thinking a lot about my future since third year…

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          You might feel you have some obligation to contribute to open source, but you really don’t. You should take stock of your time, consider what’s most important, and see if contributing to open source fits in there. No-one will fault you for not contributing if you prioritize family or putting food on the table.

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            And even if you didn’t, you can’t really force yourself to contribute, if you’re like me. You contribute because you have an itch to scratch, but it a problem you run into every day, something missing you want, or you’re paid to scratch other people’s issues. There’s no contribution without a need.