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    I wouldn’t expect to have issues with data. I only push in the low single gigabytes per month. If you started a photo blog, that may become an issue, but text is cheap.

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      While I would also be the same with the amount & type of data I tend to use on the box my wife unfortunately isn’t. She asked me recently about throwing 120 GB of photos on our owncloud instance because the external drive she uses as a backup started to die. That’s an additional cost of 30 USD per month of tarsnap backups. 1TB on dropbox would cost 10 USD per month and I wouldn’t have to think about the off-site backup.

      I actually love having my own server & I’m finding more and more uses for it. Just wanted to point out to people the price (financial & time required) one pays for running their own.

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        Your wife is here and reading it >_>