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    It’s hard to argue with the premise that software is getting (monstrously) bloated, but this article makes the argument in such a confused, ham-fisted way, conflating and ignoring relevant distinctions, that it does its premise a complete disservice. It’s not unlike saying that both electric cars and gasoline-powered will get you from A to B in the same time, but one of those you have to wait hours to recharge, while the other refuels in seconds – so electric cars are obviously wrong. I wouldn’t want this guy arguing for my side in a debate.

    He should have just written “software is getting monstrously bloated” and left it at that. It would have been a correct statement and nobody could have found fault with it.

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      Agreed. One of the author’s main arguments is that the web platform is bloated and “wrong” because it can’t efficiently emulate a JVM runtime language. Which…huh???

      I feel like there’s a different lesson here than the author intended: that Advent of Code -type puzzles that let you laser-focus on one metric of success are a very different kind of challenge than engineering a general-purpose platform

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        I think their point is that what’s wrong is using a JVM runtime language emulated on the web platform in the first place in the first place.