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    Great read! Very interesting.

    I found a minor typo in a link (Machines section - automated link) its - No captial A in ansible ;)

    What Firewall are you using on your APU2? *sense, ipfire?

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      I initially wrote “ansible” everywhere then I thought a capital was better so I use sed like a hammer :D Thanks!

      On the apu2, I run OpenBSD as well. A few years ago I ran OpenBSD for everything but hosting mastodon was too complicated (I don’t know well the Ruby ecosystem). I have some Ubuntu because containers make easy to host stuff. Most of the stuff still run on OpenBSD because I know the system well and being an OpenBSD developer I follow quite closely the project.

      I would still recommend for anyone to run OpenBSD on a router since it’s quite easy as PacketFilter is fucking awesome.

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        Well, I guessed that. OpenBSD is great for that. I have a a APU2 at home waiting for me to finish it.

        Did you just install a plain OpenBSD and configured everything? OPNsense and pfsense are both based on OpenBSD. Right know I have OPNsense installed.

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          • OPNsense and pfSense are both based on FreeBSD.
          • OPNsense is a fork of pfSense, which in turn is a fork of the good old m0n0wall (which was also based on FreeBSD).
          • Deciso/OPNsense is working on a version that is based on HardenedBSD, which in turn is also based on FreeBSD. It should come out very soon[1].

          So FreeBSD all the way with these routing/firewall operating systems ;).

          I use OPNsense since it came out on my APU2 (and later APU3 for another rack) and I can really recommend it! It’s very user friendly, easy to install and rather complete. I also really like you can use LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL. I also use OpenBSD on another router (like the author) and that also works rock solid/stable for years now. The BSD’s are great for firewalls/routing in my opinion.


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            Alright! My bad :D

            I also really like OPNsense. I just have to figure out some stuff with my ISP and then I am ready to go

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      Just yesterday I build my first 3D printer. So I guess I am going to play around with it.

      Hopefully I find the time to blog about it as well.

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        That’s awesome! Which one did you end up going with?

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          I thought about build a Hypercube Evolution. But I thought it would be wise to start of easier and maybe smaller. So I bought the new Prusa MINI. I am so happy right now. We’ll see how long I am fine with 18cmx18cmx18cm prints :)