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    For me, it depends what I am synchronizing:

    • chezmoi - for dotfiles, it uses git in the back, I personally think this tool is criminally underrated
    • git - for all source code; I host with gitolite, because that’s what I’ve been using for ~15 years, and it is so flexible and powerful; I may move to gitea in the future but so far gitolite does everything I need
    • syncthing - for stuff that is not code but needs to be kept in sync
    • magic-wormhole or croc or rsync- for anything that I need to send/receive as a one-off

    I used to use Magic Wormhole, but Croc had some features (transfer directories and resumable transfers) that sold me on it, although it doesn’t preserve timestamps (I believe there’s a Github bug open for this), so I’ve pretty much switched over. I keep wormhole for the ssh invite feature, which croc doesn’t have.