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    I will be adding ePaxos to my simple alerting tool so that I can do multi-location testing (and also fixing golint errors)


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      The world needs a good open source IRC web-based client. Maybe that’s Chapp. Maybe it’s not. Think about it, won’t you?

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        I think that’s probably what we should have started with: a cleanly designed client for IRC. That would have been a smarter approach, and had more uptake.

        At this time, we can’t do it, just because Officehours needs all of our attention. In the future, though, who knows? :-)

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          Are you sure the world doesn’t need a nicer protocol than IRC? :P

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            like IRCv3? http://ircv3.net/

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              No, because that’s still IRC, just with more things added on top of it.