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    A USB drive, a home NAS and a storage VPS from Time4VPS (60€/1TB/y). All the backups are handled with BorgBackup

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      BorgBase also seems like a great option:

      Secure your data from just $2/month or $.005/GB/month
      Unlimited free trial (5 GB and 2 repos) after signing up. Custom plans available. No API or data charges.

      My backups take up only ~7 GB so far with BorgBackup, so IIUC I would be fine with their free trial, and start out paying ~1 cent/mo.? No transfer fees, compared to B2.

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        I think that you have to subscribe to one of their plans such as the $25/100GB/year and every additional GB will cost you 1 cent/mo

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          Yeah, I’m not sure. Haven’t yet found a way to contact someone there.

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      If you need a board with more than one network interface you could look at an ESPRESSObin: it has three gigabit interfaces, 1/2GB DDR3 memory and an ARM Cortex A53 processor. It is really small and cheap.

      I’m running pfSense on it, bonding two interfaces, and using also as a VPN.

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        I am using the espresso bin as my main router as well, running openwrt. I don’t how’s pfSense support on this SBC, but openwrt can max out my uplink with wireguard.

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          pfSense support is still really experimental due to the lack of hardware support of FreeBSD systems.

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          Oh nice! I’ll have to look into these a bit more.