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    trying to keep myself and my family safe In the middle of an occupation of the capital of a G7 country. They protested at my son’s school yesterday.

    Maybe trying to set up the gaming laptop into a full-fledged setup with dual monitors and an actual keyboard and mouse when I’m not doing that.

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      How is the situation down there conflict wise? The article shows kids playing soccer on the streets. I hope it’s safe!

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        Everyone is safe, but the situation is very uneasy. Many of the occupiers have brought their kids, so I’m not surprised they’re playing soccer, but I wouldn’t want any of my family in the middle like that.

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        Yikes, try and stay safe. I’m over in Orleans myself but this stuff is frankly terrifying.

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          Aw geez. And just a couple of months ago I was thinking of Canada as being a potential refuge place if things go even more crazy in Europe. Best of luck and endurance to you all.

          Mars it is then, I guess.

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            If it makes you feel better, there’s likely nowhere on the planet that is truly a refuge if things go super sour.

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              I’d be fine with a small unknown island. But then somebody asks me where my low-latency internet and power come from.

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            I’m really sorry to hear. This is a super scary time and having the threat of violence looming so close has got to be nervous making.

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              Hey, me too! I’m over in Gatineau in the ’burbs but I generally spend a lot of time in Ottawa proper.

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                My sympathies; I’m flying into rat-licker central (Alberta :/ ) for my weekend; I expect I’ll see some of the dumbasses myself along the way, although not as bad as your part of the country. Good luck!

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                  Hey now, we are rat free!