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    What kind of soap have you been refilling the cartridge with?

    1. 5

      I’m just getting started experimenting but so far a bit of method dish soap mixed with some vinegar. I have also stopped using the plastic pellets and replaced them with safflower seeds that have been baked to sterilise them.

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      #1 is not true on Macs, which all come with Python installed by default.

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        As well as Ruby.

      1. 7

        I’m starting a multi-part series on how to build your own christmas lights, using RGB LED strings, an ATTiny85 microcontroller and combinations of sensors, bluetooth and other doodads to control your christmas lights from the Internet. As it goes up, it’ll be here. I have the prototype set up already, it’s really nice but I need to get the tree out!

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          Cool! I’ll check that out. That’s something I’ve been wanting to do this year.

          1. 1

            Still waiting for your Blogpost :D

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              As I mentioned in my message, I done goofed and thought this wasn’t going to be doable until next year. Thanks to you, I was wrong :) I’ve shot some video today, writeup coming soon, I need to go through and edit. I’d probably say some time thursday for the initial post and vid. In the meantime, how about this?