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    When your whole security model is based on ability to rollback money transfers - this type of “feature” fits perfectly. Compare with cryptocurrencies.

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      I’m not sure what you mean.

      You can still roll back transactions with secure confidential transport. The goal of this as stated was monitoring and data loss prevention - both of which can also be achieved with a forward secret transport channel.

      Cryptocurrencies, in general, have massively lacking privacy/anonymity, but prevent rollback due to distributed immutable consensus.

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      Very much outdated, but very useful as an introduction.

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        can you share more uptodate links on this?

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          I don’t know any. I just can tell that all described solutions appeared long time ago. It does not include newer approaches - e.g. forwarding kademlia (used in Swarm).

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        Learning elisp. Looking for a good ergonomic keyboard.

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          Hah me too, sort of. TBH I’m mostly learning clisp (for a school assignment where they let us have our pick of languages) but learning clisp led to hearing about slime, which led to using portacle but being somewhat dissatisfied, to spending most of Wednesday customizing my init.el. So in theory now I’m back to clisp so I can finish the assignment.

          I also spent part of the last few days salvaging some iris PCBs that a coworker gave to me because he messed up and didn’t feel like desoldering everything. So once a few more parts arrive I can give that one a try.

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            People can argue about Emacs as an editor, or as a text-orientated programming environment, or as a host for Tetris, but it is unquestionably the greatest medium for yak shaving that human ingenuity has yet to discover.