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    It always amazes me how active the Erlang founders were in the community. You could, as a complete beginner to the language, post on Elixir forums then find a response by Virding or Armstrong.

    Armstrong in particular was always amiable and a welcome participant in the threads. It’s a sad loss for the Erlang and Elixir communities.

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      Erlangers and their decades of collective experience seems like a much overlooked selling point for Elixir. I jumped onboard the Elixir train a few years ago after reading Thomas’ Seven Concurrency Models book. There wasn’t as much written then, so I looked to Hubert’s Learn You Some Erlang, Vinoski and Cesarini’s Scalability with Erlang, and watched several of Armstrong’s and Virding’s videos on Youtube. That helped me tremendously in understanding how to think through the actor model and build OTP applications.

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        Thomas’ Seven Concurrency Models book

        Do you mean this book?


        Or a different one?

        I’d be interested in reading a good overview of different concurrency models.


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          Yep, thats the one… and now I realize I completely named the wrong author, it should be Paul Butcher. In any case it was a good read.

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            Thank you.