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    Interesting read.

    Does anyone know of a library that makes it easy to do plots like this one from the linked post? I like drawings like that to illustrate a concept without bringing up too many precise details that can pull people in the weeds and obfuscate the point being made, but I’m terrible at drawing them freehand.

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      They look like they are being drawn with a drawing tablet (Wacom is a well-known brand, for example). Also related: There are many tools that modify graphs to look like they are hand-drawn: https://www.google.com/search?q=xkcd+style+graphs

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        Heh. Not sure why searching on “xkcd style” didn’t occur to me. Thank you.

        This looks like it’s pretty much exactly what I was imagining.

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          It probably wouldn’t have occurred to me either (I only realize now that linking to a google query might come across as patronizing), but I read an article describing how one of them worked, and the term has stuck with me since.

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            I only realize now that linking to a google query might come across as patronizing

            Not in this case, mostly because it put exactly what I wanted on the first page when the queries I’d thought of myself last time I looked for this all turned up either just fonts for sale or weird SaaS things that were really intended for mocking up whole apps. If you’d linked lmgtfy it would’ve seemed patronizing :)

            Because I’m much better at python than drawing, the results I’m getting from adapting that notebook I linked are already much better than the photos of my whiteboard I was using before.

            Also nicer looking in less time than drawing on a whiteboard and getting a photo that doesn’t have a weird glare spot in the middle.

            And I hadn’t previously considered a wacom tablet at all, mostly because the expense for just this use case (I am not an artist at all) feels too high.

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        I think the author might be using the Paper app, but iirc, it’s mostly freehand with some styling and smoothing, and some shapes: https://paper.bywetransfer.com/

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        Reposting this as I suspect this community might have more to say about how work like this fits into today’s context.

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          Whenever I’ve felt like it’s hard to articulate my hobbies, it’s often been linked to a sense of inferiority comparing what I do with my time and what I feel the person I’m talking to might do with theirs. So just a note to say: I really think most of what most people do day to day is absent of moral or social value–and that’s gotta be okay! It’s no more noble to read Game of Thrones than watch it, by virtue of medium alone (though you might personally like one way more than the other). And making something at home doesn’t bring anything more to the world than buying that thing (though you might get more satisfaction from one than the other).

          Anyway, I find it encouraging to strip away normative weight from things-in-themselves this way. Then, it’s easier to build up what I want / ought to do with my time by considering things like what character traits I want to develop, and–most importantly–who I want to be surrounded by.

          Hope that helps someone :)