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    I love Smullyan. I need to pick up some of his old logic puzzle books, they were great.

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      I almost never commented on HN. I most likely won’t comment much here… it’s not that I don’t think comments are valuable, it’s just me. I’m not apt to comment on things. Call it introverted, maybe a lack of confidence, I don’t know the reason, I just know that I rarely want to comment, and half the time when I do, I wind up deleting a half-written comment and just close the form.

      At any rate — I don’t want to analyze that (or be analyzed), but I don’t think I’m unique. Some people are just less likely to comment. Maybe there’s a lot of this sort of person (ie, less apt to comment) on lobste.rs right now. But, that’s just a guess.

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        Big question for me is the battery life(power saving). On mac Linux kills the battery this is understandable since they can not be optimizing for every piece of hardware people have. But if Dell can optimize this laptop to last 5 hours or so I might give it a shot.

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          I think I’d give it a shot, maybe.

          I definitely believe someone could build a great development laptop on top of a reasonably polished linux distribution, but I’m not sure Dell is the company I’d bet on to pull it off.