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    I have an account at https://wandering.shop/@phildini.

    I’m also the admin of the Wandering Shop, and giving a talk about Mastodon at PyCon US in Cleveland in a couple weeks.

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      I remember first hearing about this like 4 years ago… as best I can tell never verified, and I found it fishy as hell then… but I don’t speak russian so I don’t know! 😄

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        I’m one of two admins on wandering.shop; we were started as a friendly place for those interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy, and still have a large concentration of authors, but we’re open to everyone and have quite a lot of technologically-minded folk.


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          I think Patrick McKenzie is considered something of an expert on businesses of this type, and I find his blog/site Kalzumeus tremendously helpful. Following his twitter @patio11 is pretty good too.

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            I wrote ContactOtter, a shareable contact manager with logging. I think of it like a “family CRM”.

            Closed beta right now, but I’ll basically approve anyone who signs up.

            Right now you have to manually enter info, but it’ll soon have some auto-importing, tracking your social networks for connections (totally optional, I don’t want to be evil), and hopefully a mobile app in the next couple months.