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    I was thinking the other day about using Twilio to “protect myself” from SMS 2fa workarounds, but unfortunately Japanese numbers can’t do SMS.

    Phone numbers are really frustrating in this age of spam. No easy way to generate one-time numbers or anything, so the instant your phone number gets out there it’s game over.

    And imagine getting a stalker/jealous ex/anything. Basically end up with no choice but changing numbers.

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      I’m not sure a Twilio number can protect you from SMS workarounds necessarily. All I’d recommend there is ensuring that you use a 2FA app (like Authy) for as many of your accounts with 2FA that support it. That at least minimises your SMS liability.

      Technically, you could use Twilio to generate one time numbers for yourself in countries where SMS and voice are supported. I think the issue is bigger than that though, in which whenever we try to use an identifier like a phone number or email address. It’s more convenient and memorable for us to use just the one, but if it falls into the wrong hands it becomes our problem. It’s a conflict between usability and privacy that’s not straightforward to solve.