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    Why does this need to be a new distribution? It’s Ubuntu with a different default DE/WM, right?

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      The same reason why I might use spacemacs instead of emacs, I suppose. Because I’ve done a lifetime’s worth of ultimately worthless tweaking already.

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        It doesn’t / isn’t really. There’s a ppa you can just add to an existing install and get the same result.

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          I rather think Alan Pope among others has a good point. There has been a lot of effort put into making it easy to roll new distributions, and way not enough into making it easy to create end user applications on the Linux platform.

          The result is a plethora of varyingly pointless distributions but giant gaps in end user applicaiton space.

          Personally I think better support for dynamic languages would help a LOT (I know this will undoubtedly draw out hte C/C++/Rust crowd who will tell me that low level programming isn’t hard, missing the point that I simply don’t enjoy it that much :)