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    Reading this reminds me of the Pulitzer-prize winning “The Soul of a New Machine” by Tracy Kidder. If the computer wars of the 60/70s are exciting to you (especially microcode, assembly, debugging) then you should definitely pick up a copy of the book.

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      After nearly a decade of doing mobile engineering, I’m going back to my early roots and building an API service in Dropwizard. The API will be consumed by a web and mobile frontend.

      I’m intentionally picking Dropwizard because I want to use something that is as straightforward (and battle tested) as possible, and I want to spend effort on Doing The Right Things — automated tests, CI/CD, etc. Maybe too much to expect in a weekend, but I’m excited!

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        This is almost an implementation of trunk-based development, which is quite fascinating as a workflow and used by some of the largest, most successful engineering teams. The only thing missing from the OP’s workflow is feature flags.

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          Forgive my ignorance, but it would seem to me we already did this with Subversion, and CVS before that.

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          /Users/pratul/Code/xxx (master ♺ )

          Slightly inspired by LOST! The “recycle” symbol means the current branch is clean. I replace it with a lightning bolt when the branch is dirty.