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    I’ve been collecting introductory gopher tutorials over on I’ll have to contact the author of this one to see if I can pull it in.

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      The author is I think @alynpost, admin here and owner or at least employee of prgmr

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        Thank you @raymii for highlighting me. James I would love to have this article on

        The author of the article is Paul Scott. I’ve previously spoken with him about publishing this article on He would like to be able to extend and republish it in the future but verbally non-exclusivity was the only issue he raised with you publishing this article. I would like attribution on the article stating where it was originally published.

        I’ve sent you an email to the address on your resume restating this and including the relevant parties. I’m glad you’re interested in incorporating this material.

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          The site is on github :)

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          Hi, James! I’m glad you like the article. :)