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    This is neat, I think, because they are specifically looking to apply the material to 4-5M europeans. There’s a lot of free, accessible AI education already, almost too much for a general person to learn since it takes a lot of time to filter and apply whether to use khan academy, opencourseware, udacity, coursera, whatever.

    I also like that they are widely available outside of the EU, I signed up for English/Ireland although I don’t live in Ireland and don’t speak English well.

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      FWIW, if you don’t want to wait for the course to be available in your own language, you can already take it in English (or three other languages) here for free from anywhere in the world.

      The linked initiative is about having the course translated and localised to each of the 24 official languages of the EU on Finland’s dime.

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      Anyone took the course yet? Is it worth the time investment?

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        I think you should definitely have a look! Just a reminder that the course is aimed for non technical people so do not expect too many deep dives. More a generalist’s view to enable fact based discussion around the hype of AI. We tried our best in creating the course and value all feedback!