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    When you’re doing a pull request, some random guru-senior-architect might occasionally check your code and suggest few changes. Sounds unlikely but any additional eyes might uncover bugs or architecture mistakes.

    Is this true? I would love to have someone review my code but I cant see it ever happening. Do I just open a PR and hope someone comes along to review it? How would they even know I am waiting for public review. It feels quite rude to jump in to someone elses project and start reviewing their changes.

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      “Watchers” of the repo will get notifications, so they can get involved pretty easily if they want to. Also, you can add a label like “needs review” or something like that to attract more attention.

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      The range check comments are reversed I think.

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        Oh, that’s right. Thank you! I think the issue is in the README only though. Warnings are given in a proper format.

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        Note that there is also RU version available, in case you’re more comfortable with it: https://habr.com/post/416903/ It also includes a bonus gopher image. :3