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    I’ve been following Simon for ages now (hi, I’m new here today and blog here for the past 20 years or so), and quite enjoy his take on things.

    Most people feel pressured to go out of their way to find content to write about, or feel bad if they don’t write regularly. For me, at least, it’s a mix of Simon’s approach (things I learned) with notes on my ongoing projects, as well as the occasional rant on current (tech) affairs.

    But it all started because I wanted to keep track of the stuff I did and why, which sort of explains why my blog is much more of a WIki (hidden beneath a chronological view of highlights). Like an outboard notebook of stuff that I think might be useful to other people, really.

    So I’ll keep anything between 5-20 drafts going over months, and then clean up my notes and publish them (sometimes a tad too late to be useful to folk on the bleeding edge, but mostly useful to me six months later).

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      Welcome to @rcarmo!

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        Heh. Well, it had to happen sometime :)

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      Mostly process docs and customer-facing paperwork. Converting a bit of Python glue for getting Plex to display Now Playing info to Go. OpenSCAD code for a new case for a MacBook motherboard.