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    If they want you to do consulting as part of your interview, they can pay.

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      This is how I feel as well. I emailed them saying basically this: that I would be happy to prepare the presentation for my standard consulting rate. We’ll see what they say.

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        This is what we do in our hiring process. We give the candidate 3 options:

        • Pair-program/discuss a side-project of their own
        • Pair-program/discuss our codebase (which is open-source)
        • Pair-program an exercise like exercism.io (with follow-up discussion) We still didn’t decide on paying the other two, but we pay for the work they do on our project.
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          This sounds fun, please interview me lol

          Honestly, I have found that companies that offer a slew of offerings like this are usually have some of the best workplace cultures.

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            I definitely feel like we do. The tech team is remote and it’s still early-days in building team culture (company is around 18 months old), so we have a lot of challenges ahead.

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              Good luck!