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    well I gotta give to whoever flagged that or whatever, that tweet wasn’t just immature rant against the two party system, was a deeply misogynist tweet.

    1. 13

      Yeah, the whole post is a thinly-veiled excuse to say an awful misogynist thing again, under the guise of pretending he would never say that awful misogynist thing again, and oh btw twitter has a responsibility to show this awful thing he would never say again to more people than it already showed it to. So even though he’s “grown” and would never say this again, he thinks twitter should say it again and again forever on his behalf. What a cowardly perspective.

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        I don’t know the author’s cultural background, but that’s not universal. Scottish Twitter (and Scotland for instance) have quite different norms.

        1. 2

          Based on the author’s own About page, his cultural background is American.

          I started Fight the Future to help spread awareness for topics the deeply concern me and that I hope would deeply concern American (sic!) and the world.

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          You have an incredible talent for reading minds.