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    I’m constantly surprised by how easy it is to be sucked into this trap. I’ve been in these chains where multiple managers have responded with “ultimatums” to stop replying all, only to have people continue to do so. Even more amusing are the ones who reply all saying that theirs should be the final word, oblivious to the fact that they’re perpetuating the problem.

    Additionally, I’m guilty of having created one of these on purpose, on my last day at a retail job many years ago. From what i heard, it lasted several weeks – I hit a pretty big distribution list.

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      Creepy, eye-opening, and damning. The model works because it plays to the consumers' mindset over and over again. Morality aside, it’s exactly what consumers have demanded. They voted with their wallets, and this is the result of that vote.

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        Probably why they break so damned much.

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          I’ve owned Apple chargers for about ten years. My second machine, the 2006 Macbook, was the only one whose charger ever frayed and broke on me, and it was completely due to my abuse of the thing. I’d roll over it with the wheels of my chair, yank it out from the wall, toss it in my bag, wrap it tightly, etc. the thing took such a beating that I’m surprised it lasted me eight months.

          I’ve run through multiple chargers since then and I’ve never had an issue. I’ve started taking very good care of my chargers and have not run into a single incident since.