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    I recently switched to Windows after nearly a decade of Linux desktops. I’ve been containerizing app in a effort to keep the base os in a clean state. I’ve also been searching for how to create a pico driver to no success but If I figure it out I plan on writing a toy OS and programming language in the windows kernel.

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      Why the switch to Windows? Seems kind of backwards!

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      So if you install Mir and uninstall X11, can you fix this problem completely? Also, are snap packages less secure than debian packages, or is it just that they aren’t as secure as they claim?

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        Just less secure than they claim. The problem is that X11 has no sandboxing or isolation between applications, so any X11 application can get keypresses from another etc. Obviously you can package an X11 application into a debian package and achieve the same thing, but debian packages don’t promise any security. (Nor do they have any, by installing a debian package you basically let it do whatever it wants).

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          I was under the impression that snap is supposed to be more for IOT and embedded devices. Things where the minimal amount of software is going to be installed. In that case having bloated and old software that breaks sand boxing is not really a problem. I may be mistaken though.

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        In the time that it takes a sophisticated attacker to find a hole in Azure that will cause an hour of disruption across 1% of VMs, that same attacker could probably completely take down ten unicorns for a much longer period of time. And yet, these attackers are hyper focused on the most hardened targets. Why is that?

        I suspect it’s the same reason that people will flock to play the 1 Billion dollar PowerBall, but the still life changing $30 Million lottery jackpot isn’t as enticing.

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          Humans are terrible at risk/reward judgement. They also won’t pay the same amount for a 1/20 raffle ticket. Some of them still smoke, don’t wear seatbelts and keep guns in the same house as their own children.

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            some of them even keep dangerous drugs like Acetaminophen in the same house as their own children.

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              sigh Yes, I don’t own any acetaminophen. I’d rather have exactly one available suicide method, so that I can never think about it or come upon it accidentally, but be reassured that it’s there so that I never need to have panicked thoughts about not having one. I think a lot of people with mental health stuff take that particular caution pretty seriously. :)

              Honestly, I’m not sure whether you were trying to be sarcastic, but it IS a dangerous substance, if you specifically intend to use it that way, and the information about how to use it is readily available. If I were caring for children I’d be pretty cautious about having it around.

              (Note: The most recent attempt was quite a few years ago and I’ve had a lot of life changes since then and have no intention to die in the foreseeable future. Just in case there’s anyone reading this who doesn’t understand how this stuff never goes away, and is afraid on my behalf. There’s no need for such fear.)