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    I really wanted to do install this but then running a Clickhouse DB + Postgres server dependencies didn’t make sense for my small static blog. I also explored Fathom which is a decent alternative but they do tracking via cookies for the free version but not for the paid version. Such kind of OSS projects just lose my interest, TBH. (Nothing bad, but I won’t personally like)

    I eventually found shynet which I’ve been running since a month and pretty happy with it. Does it’s job and just bare minimum tracking.

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      I was considering Fathom and Matomo for my sites’ analytics as of late, today I found Plausible through this post, and now I found shynet thanks to you, and I find myself agreeing with your points, so I’ll probably try shynet first.

      There’s one thing about Fathom/Plausible/shynet that I find interesting, and that is that all 3 designs are very similar, all three show similarly-distributed dashboards, with the same metrics, etc. I’ve never used Google Analytics but, is this because GA pioneered that design and all these “alternatives” followed it?

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        Creator of Shynet here! The monitoring tools you mention do all have similar aesthetics—speaking for Shynet, it was mostly inspired by Fathom (although I designed its CSS library myself, so there are still some key differences).

        Happy to answer any questions you might have about Shynet, either here or on GitHub.

        Note that unlike Plausible and Fathom, Shynet is not a SaaS—there is no way to use Shynet except to self host it. So the self-hosted experience is the full experience, not a half-baked FOSS version!

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          That’s one of the main criticisms I had towards Fathom and their v1/v2 bs, but seems like Plausible is giving you the choice without taking out any features.

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      Saturday is the end of the holiday Масленица, so I will be celebrating! And then I’ll probably spend the rest of the weekend designing a font (or trying to, that is).