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    An Spanish article about encryption tagged as scala?

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      Scala is from the Latin word scāla, which means stairs or in some romance languages, steps.

      I can see why a Spanish speaker not familiar with English would pick that tag for a tutorial.

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        As a native Spanish speaker I can’t see the relationship

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      Some of the games I recommend:

      Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Competitive (and hard) shooter with a strong and big community (the tournaments are awesome to watch)

      Epic Manager. Funny and hard Management-Adventure-RPG (hard to explain, fun to play!)

      Project Cars and Dirt Rally. If you like to drive, this games are really awesome.

      Ori and the blind forest. Beautiful platform game, I really loved to play this game. and to improve our coding skills:

      Screeps. A programmable sandbox strategy MMO.

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        I was in love of Elm 0.16, I love it more now!

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          Madrid, Spain =D