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    So if you want to discuss fundamental differences you can pretty much only point out that dict values are accessible by keys, which could be of any immutable type, while list values are indexed with integers. That’s it :-)

    You can’t insert arbitrary keys into a list. You have to “insert” (append) in key order. That seems like a pretty fundamental difference to me!

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      Yes, and in particular, if you insert an element into the middle of a list, all of the “keys” of the subsequent elements spontaneously change. Not very map-like!

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      This was not an objective test, this is just an approximation that I hope will encourage readers to be more aware of the consequences of their abstractions, and their exponential growth as more layers are added

      Eh, [citation needed] on the exponential growth bit. Lots of what’s being measured here is fixed start-up costs that are negligible in a Real Program. If you want to claim these costs accumulate exponentially (or even linearly), how about a plot of syscalls as you increase the number or statements printed?

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        Does anybody know why this was done? Was this extension planned (after Jan 1 had been announced as the EOL) or did something unexpected happen?

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          I don’t think it’s really right to say this was extended at all; April is the release of the final version of 2.7, whose code-freeze was today (Jan 1 2020). There’s some information on this more detailed page. The “sunset” date advertised is when development ends, but it takes a few months for them to release, apparently.

          I found this pretty confusing too!

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            Nothing was done; the chosen title for this submission is just wrong.

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              I’ve suggested the original title for this submission.

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              They are probably timing the release to coincide with PyCon.

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              This is not a new result, but it may be surprising if you haven’t read the docs closely–especially if you interpreted > the phrase “chooses Consistency and Partition Tolerance” to mean, well, either of those things.