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    I use a layered keyboard on the computer where I do most of my coding (an Ergodox EZ) and I type using Colemak. I have a layer on my keyboard that replaces NEIO (JKL; on the QWERTY keyboard) with HJKL. Its additionally nice in that I don’t have to shift my hand over one key to get into the right “position” for movement.

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      WARNING: this is alpha, and the default keybinds are still weird because I use colemak

      Finally, something will have non-weird keybinds for us colemak users \o/

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        My thought was “at least keybindings are reasonable” when I was skimming through the README with one eye closed 3am this morning. (What’s wrong with me?)

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          Colemak 4evah! So nice to find a piece of software living in that mode already.

          I was already inclined to check this out because I love rust and I have an unhealthy obsession with trying new thought mappers/todo systems, but the colemak defaults pushes it over the edge!

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          Ah yes, in federal prison on wall street they call these wash trades.

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            A lot of young traders are going to get in a lot of trouble, eventually.

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              It’s kinda amazing watching the cryptocurrency folks reinvent every scam in finance and then rediscover why regulation exists.

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                I’ve been thinking this so much lately, and not just w.r.t. cryptocurrency (though it definitely comes up a BUNCH there). It seems to me like at least some of the “disruptive” companies of the past decade or so are trying to “disrupt” regulation. Uber/taxis, AirBnB/hotels, anything in the gig economy/labor laws, are just a few examples. Turns out that regulations actually come about because of ordinary people getting screwed by companies, and we have them for good reasons.

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                  There will be scams and cryptocurrencies are also genuinely useful for things like fixing DNS and digital identity, creating decentralized organizations, dead-man switches, etc.

                  It’s not clear to me this example qualifies as a scam, as it seems to be closer to a bug of some sort. However, you could call it a scam too, and I wouldn’t judge you harshly for doing so. A lot of these things seem scammy to me, and remind me of TheDAO. Broken promises. Foolish investors. etc.

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                    It’s sounds a lot like a database transaction.

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                      There’s a rather big difference between a MySQL transaction and a transaction that happens on a public blockchain.

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                        Care to explain?

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                          For a start, MySQL has decent performance, and doesn’t incentivize wasting huge amounts of electricity.

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                            You’re right, it incentivizes data breaches, fake claims of privacy, censorship, on top of the same stuff that cryptocurrencies incentivize.

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                            Are you trolling or do you really not understand the difference?

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                              There is an obvious difference, but you seem to have stuff in mind. Are you thinking technically, culturally, economically, politically? I don’t know so I’d rather ask an open ended question. If I ask an open ended question I’ll get your opinion. (Which appears to be that I’m an asshole.)

                              Edit apologies for the tone. I’m not in a good mood and it’s not related to you.

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                                Everything you mentioned stems from the technical differences. And this is supposedly a website where we discuss the tech. Since you’re now saying the difference is obvious (as I feel), I will take that as you retracting your question.

                                Edit: saw your apology. Thanks. Hope you feel better.

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                  Wash trades are something other than what is being described here. Your statement is incorrect.

                  In particular, a wash sale is when the same person buys and sells something to/from themselves to create fake volume.

                  Using a short-term loan to take other actions is a different thing entirely. If you aren’t your own counterparty, it isn’t a wash sale.

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                    That’s true, this is a stretch of the term for dramatic effect, and to highlight the notion that cryptocurrencies seem to slowly reinvent classic financial market scams one by one.

                    It can have the effect of boosting apparent traded volume (because some of these trades bounce currency out of and back into ETH), but the main purpose seems to usually be something in addition to that.

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                      to slowly reinvent classic financial market scams one by one.

                      One would hope these systems can reproduce the behaviors of the existing system. The point is to be able to do things that weren’t possible before, like decentralized exchanges, social key recovery, ownership over digital goods, etc.

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                  I am thrilled to be one of the newly announced Guardians of the non-profit foundation. I’m happy to answer any questions people may have, though bearing in mind that I’m going to be a little distracted for the next while until my son goes to bed.

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                    How were you and the other guardians for the non-profit foundation chosen? Also, what do you expect your day to day work with the foundation to be like? (I mean in this in the most prosaic sense - is there a physical office you go to, or is the work something you will mostly do over email and at occasional conferences? Is this a full-time job that they’re paying you for, or do you do something else with your time as well? These sorts of details are something I’ve wondered about for many non-profit advisory councils associated with open-source software projects, and since you’re here offering to answer questions I thought this would be a good time to do so :) )

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                      We were chosen by Matthew and Amandine who were, by virtue of starting the foundation, the only Guardians that existed before.

                      The Guardian position is definitely not a full time job, and it is not paid. We are spread out across multiple continents, so our communications will take place mostly virtually (over Matrix, naturally) though we may get together physically from time to time. I’m sure New Vector would be happy to loan me a desk to work out if I’m in London, but there is no physical office.

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                        The process we went through in selecting the Guardians was to ask folks who:

                        • Are clearly philosophically aligned with the goals of the project (i.e. radical decentralisation and liberation of communication)
                        • Are widely recognised as independent experts, trusted by the community to keep the project honest
                        • Are independent of commercial factions in Matrix
                        • Ideally use Matrix already, and represent some subset of the community (e.g. Ross on the ‘personal homeserver & legal’ side, Jutta on the ‘corporate homeserver’ side, Jon on the academic side.).
                        • Have experience and understanding of the responsibilities and requirements of being non-exec directors of a non-profit

                        This narrows it down quite a lot, and we thought very carefully about who to invite to join - and happy to say that all our first choices accepted :)

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                      Congrats on the release!

                      What is the official position on bridges?

                      Take sms bridge. If done right, can completely replace sms software for Android, that would be a huge win for freedom.

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                        I don’t know that the foundation has an official position on bridges, but if we did it would probably be something like \o/.

                        The more the merrier!

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                          What do you mean by position? There exist a couple of sms bridges

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                            If resources of the foundation (grant money or something) will be devoted to it.

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                              Currently the Foundation has very little financial resources, beyond a stack of t-shirts and the monthly donations arriving via Patreon & Liberapay. However, New Vector has one person working fulltime on bridges, plus a GSOC student and some support from the rest of the team. The main priority is on IRC, Slack and XMPP, but we try to help other bridge development as best we can too.

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                                That’s the answer I was looking for, thanks.

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                            You may be interested in – if you want to use it from Matrix IIRC there is work happening on a good XMPP bridge so it should be possible.

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                              Wow, interesting, thanks.

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                          I’ve been using kakoune for around a year now for some things, coming from both Vim and Spacemacs. The noun-verb ordering is a revelation. Being able to see what I’m operating on before you hit a button is a big bonus.

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                            Can’t you do this with Vim’s visual mode? v2wd instead of d2w.

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                              Sort of. In a way, it’s as if you’re in visual mode by default. But the fact that the cursor works differently, combined with multiple selections and better integration with search, it is arguably more ergonomic.

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                            I supported the Librem 5, but I’m disappointed to see that they’re not actually going to include Matrix (in the form of Fractal) at least at first.

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                              Better to aim small and have something than attempt everything and never finish. I’m sure if it comes out they or someone else will get matrix on it. Fractal is also super beta right now. It’s been quite unstable for me.