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    Thanks! I hate it, can I disable it?

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      If it’s on for you, it’s because your browser reports that you prefer a dark color scheme via the prefers-color-scheme media query. The site will still be in light mode when your browser’s environment doesn’t ask for dark mode. That probably means your global OS setting is the switch you’re looking for.

      This first effort didn’t build in a manual override, but that there is demand for it is not a surprise. It feels more and more likely that that will be added later.

      However, if you do prefer dark color schemes but you hate this one, some more details could help us revise it.

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        Yeah, I use dark mode on the cellphone but don’t care for it much on websites. I upvote a manual switch for forcing it one way or another, but to be fair, I’m probably not gonna care that much one way or the other.

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          Yeah, I was also looking for an option to turn it off. I like that the OS theme is dark, but I prefer webpages to be in light mode. 🤷

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        I wish I had this when I started out, good work!