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    @rui314 has been doing some pretty interesting projects recently (also mold: https://github.com/rui314/mold). Is this some fun retirement period they is enjoying?

    1. 23

      Yes. After working for Google for 12 years, I decided to leave to pursue my personal interest.

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        Your READMEs are excellent. I’ve never read any so captivating.

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          ruiu, I’d love to be able to pre-order your compiler book or sign up for a mailing list (or follow an RSS feed) to let me know when it’s ready.

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            The chibicc README has instructions on signing up for notifications.

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            Hi @ruiu - quick question. Will your compiler send each phase to a separate process or will the compiler be a single process.

            Just curious - no strong opinion on this.

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              It’s a single process just like other compilers are.

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              Remarkable, thanks for sharing your research