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    Spectacle works great for simple window snapping

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      Development on Spectacle has stopped, so Rectangle is the alternative that’s based on Spectacle but which is being actively maintained.

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        Spectacle works just fine. It’s simple and mature. No need to “actively maintain”.

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          I’m the developer of Rectangle and this spurred me to finally write a post about this since I see this comment from time to time. In summary, if you’re content with your current Spectacle setup that’s great. If you’re looking to install it new, there is a bit of security risk that’s worth being aware of with apps that require accessibility privileges but are not notarized. Also, there’s always potential for software to break with each macOS release, although Spectacle has been pretty robust over the years. Through the lens of a user, personally I would pick an app that’s maintained just so I don’t have to cross my fingers with each macOS upgrade. But hey, to each their own. Spectacle’s a great app.

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          Good to know about Rectangle. I didn’t know Spectacle wasn’t actively maintained.

          That said, if the user only cares about window snapping, there’s no real reason to use either over the other. They both deliver on window snapping. And the reason to use Rectangle over Spectacle has nothing to do with being actively maintained; it has to do with features. Rectangle definitely offers more than Spectacle does

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          Just want to emphasize how big window snapping is: idk how I lived without it on my Mac.