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    I forgot about this post… It also took me over the 50 point limit, so thanks everyone!

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      xmonad as a windowmanager in XFCE, when I get to run something other than MS Windows. Which I need to do much to often.

      A cleaner examle than my own config.

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        Fantastically horrible! I love it.

        Excel + VBA can do really horrible things if one puts ones mind to it.

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          I am still confused how it is even accepted in the USA that a banking website allows you to do whatever to your account by means of some password people are likely to use in many places. Here in Belgium we also have online banking, but you are provided a card reader by your bank to use it.

          In order to do anything online to your account, you need to have your card, the card reader and your card’s pin code. Logging in requires you to receive a challenge number from the bank’s website, you slide your card in the reader, enter the challenge number and your pin code in the reader and receive another number that you enter in the bank’s website. You repeat this process when making a payment or something similar.

          I know, it’s more cumbersome. I do feel rather secure with it though.

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            Some swedish banks use as similar system.

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            Thanks @conroy for the invite!

            The user-tree is interesting, I think.

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              Sounds like a nightmare.

              Imagine that in the near future you were burgled without obvious signs of breaking and entering…

              Tenant: But I locked my door when I left on friday! I’m sure I did!

              Insurance bureaucrat: But your lock, windows and door are all whole and the lock-log doesn’t have a break-in alert logged, it just show that you sir, entered your apartment at just before midnight on saturday.

              Tenant: But I was on a freakin' airplane at the time!

              Insurance bureaucrat: Our records clearly show that you entered your home and therefore can’t pay you for this supposed burglary and items you claim are missing.

              Tenant: GAH!

              Insurance bureaucrat: If you persist in claiming this was a burglary, we will have to sue you fraud. And according to our terms of service you agreed not to mention any insurance claims in public, regardless of their outcome. If you do, it’s slander and we’ll sue.

              Have a good day sir and good bye.

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                There is also unclutter, which has been around for a while (since 1992 or so…) and does the same thing. This project have shorter and generally nicer code in my opinion, but unclutter has a man-page, probably has had most of it’s possible bugs removed and is already available in many package repositories.
                Debian and Ubuntu makes it just an apt-get install unclutter away.

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                  but unclutter has a man-page, probably has had most of it’s possible bugs removed

                  If you read the readme, you’ll note that I wrote xbanish because unclutter doesn’t even work properly anymore.

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                    Ah, sorry, I completely missed that. Oops…

                    Anyway I use unclutter like this: unclutter -idle 1 -root

                    This only shows my cursor when I move it, which is what I thought xbanish did and is what I want to happen.

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                  Beautiful! clever!

                  But I don’t think it is what most of the current mac pro owners want. But perhaps Apple doesn’t see them as the primary target market?

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                    What do mac pro owners want?

                    My guess would be a zillion CPU and GPU cores and easily expandable fast storage. Seems to fit the bill. Six thunderbolt ports makes it even easier to add storage than internal hard drive trays.

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                      Sure, there is plenty of expansion via thunderbolt, but what about any internal expansion cards such as specific cards for video editing?

                      And while it has two GPUs, it, as far as I can see on Apples images, has only one CPU. And the written information also only mentions processor in singular form.

                      Sure you can get a pci-express to thunderbolt adapter in an external box. But that’s ugly and yet more money on top of a new machine. Or they can wait for their vendors to release specific thunderbolt interfaces for their needs. Which will cost both money and time.

                      But since I am not the target market for the new Mac Pro, I obviously can be wrong.

                      And perhaps those that really need more gpu power and faster cpus will buy them. But I think some will have to consider switching to PCs for their specific needs and will be vocal about their disappointment in Apples new Mac Pro.