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    The Mudita Pure reminds me of the Motorola Motofone F3: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola_Fone . The Motofone F3 also had an E-Ink display. I would consider buying a Mudita Pure but not at that price. I purchased my Motofone in 2008 for 26,95 EUR. I am not willing to accept the Mudita Pure price tag of 349 EUR when I can buy an iPhone SE for 479 EUR.

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      I like the idea of a modular laptop, but it wouldn’t be the criteria when buying one for me.

      People around me mostly complain about the missing option to replace the battery. I’m currently using a Thinkpad T470p which is now 3+ years old. The battery of this Thinkpad is still good. It will probably work some more time, just before I am willing to buy a new laptop. This laptop’s battery is easily detachable, but the Thinkpad T470 is also quite heavy, which I don’t like about the device.

      I know from the past that replacement batteries for old laptops aren’t any good, so I’m not that convinced about the idea to replace the battery. From my work experience, though, I know that it can come in quite handy to detach the laptop’s battery. Sometimes Thinkpads won’t boot up after a firmware update, and the only way to fix this is to disconnect the battery. On modern Thinkpads, one has to open the case, which probably even voids the warranty conditions.

      What I like about the “Framework” laptop is the screen ratio. If you are a Java developer, you will probably disagree.

      Framework Computer LLC made the wrong choice about the CPU. They really should have considered AMD instead of Intel. They also will have a hard time keeping up their promised ecosystem. I believe this will be their main problem. Keeping up an ecosystem for a specific device is very expensive. Manufacturers who guarantee a product life cycle of up to 10 years ask quite a lot of money for relatively low-end devices.

      I think Framework Computer LLC is targetting the wrong customers here. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe that most people want a reliable device that works long enough before they are willing to repurchase a new laptop. Most laptops are fulfilling this requirement.

      What about an outstanding laptop with this 3:2 ratio screen, an excellent keyboard and a touchpad that works similar to the one from the Macbook? With a CPU from AMD that doesn’t eat the battery and is faster than Intel’s. Provide SSD and RAM modules that one can replace or upgrade, and people will buy this (wild assumption).

      I wish Framework Computer LLC all the best.