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    I always love reading these threads, but with work and life I rarely have anything to contribute. However work has settled down recently, and I’ve finally had time to get back to a long-time project: a math expression visualizer. (demo of its current state). If I have time, I’ll be adding: a play button to the sliders, so you can have it animate against any independent variable; graphs across independent variables (lots to experiment with!); dynamic scaling of the bars chart.

    I would love to hear any feedback, ideas or suggestions!

    The first thing I’ll be tackling is actually the app architecture. I still have some race conditions and some ugly hacks, as I’m just figuring out how to use this cool library called reflux. Possible blog post coming about the challenges I had, coming to it from Backbone.

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      my comment is i have absolutely no idea what it’s visualising …

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        Would you mind explaing a bit more on what the Maths expression visualizer does and how it can be used? Thanks! It looks incredibly interesting, thus my question.

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          Useful feedback, thanks! I have only shown it to other people in person before this post, so I’ve been able to give the explanation right there. I don’t know how to do that in the app itself yet… it’s hard to know the balance between a long essay explaining everything, and just giving enough hints so that it can be explored and discovered instead. I’ll give my first shot here (edit: moved to a gist to avoid clogging the thread with an essay…)

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            Ok, reading through it now, will post comments and feedback afterwards.