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    I’m using make for this, but this might actually be a simpler solution.

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      Author here, I choose this over make because:

      1. It’s less keystrokes to edit and use.
      2. The menu it outputs is more concise, and
      3. The barriers to mastery are low. Also: available on windows and bash (zsh almost supported… coming soon.)
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        I resolved 1 with a shell alias and 3 was not an issue for me because I already know Make good enough.

        Point 2 is one of the reasons why I consider to write my own make-clone from time to time. :)

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        Same. make is preinstalled anywhere that matters. Just pop a Makefile somewhere, and Bob’s your uncle.

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        If you set the contenteditable attribute, you can even live-edit the css on the page

        <style contenteditable style="display:block">

        and BTW, uBlock injected a big element at the very beginning of the linked website

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          My brain, currently somewhat fatigued, wanted to google what a ‘contented itable’ was and what you use it for. I need a break, methinks.

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            Oh, interesting point about making injected content visible. I may have to experiment with that. Would be good to see what extensions are really doing.

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              hi – i made a different example that makes the style editable (using contenteditable)


              Note (as it says there) that if you press Enter while editing the style, the browser will inject elements that stop being treated as part of the style tag. So be careful with this new super power!