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    I like the tendency by Go and now Rust of writing small utilities that are improvements of existing utilities.

    Looks very cool!

    But the name…. dup? Aside from that being a built-in in many versions of Forth like languages, it should be mnemonically associated with something that involves two of something.

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      I agree. I didn’t really think long before naming this dup. The project has now been renamed to diskus (short for “disk usage”, also: a German word for the disc in Discus throw).

      1. 2

        Bless you!

        I made the github issue thinking you might have had strong feelings, but you listened and came up with a much more appropiate name. If only all my interactions with other developers were so reasonable.

      2. 3

        maybe author didn’t care for the sound of dush

        1. 3

          i don’t get the point. if you want du to be faster, make it faster and upstream the changes. why add more baggage that i have to drag around whenever i’m at a new computer?

          is this just people padding their githubs to impress employers?

          1. 2

            I guess duparallel? But yes, it sounds like something that would find duplicates instead of calculating directory sizes. Hardest thing in computer science?… :)